“Whoever said life is a two-way street was on to something.

Reward and punishment, this for that, reciprocity—whatever you want to call it—defines more than just our economy. Our relationships, our careers, our institutions also run on the principle of “I’ll do X for you, if you do Y for me.”

Everything in our world demands two-way love. Everything’s conditional. If you love me, only then will I love you. If you give to me, only then will I give to you. If you serve me, only then will I serve you.

This conditionality plagues us at every turn and keeps us enslaved to fear, reservation, and insecurity. The talk of owing and deserving seems to be written into the fabric of human nature and civilization. It’s how our world works.
Thankfully, grace isn’t from our world. It’s otherworldly. God’s love is different from our love. Our love is two-way—it’s conditional. God’s love is one way—it’s unconditional. And it’s this kind of love that can alone change our hearts and set us free.”

~By: Tullian Tchividjian