“The Bible has now become only a story book to so many Christians. Anybody can get in and only pick up a character they fancy to emulate and tell people to follow suit.

JACOB tithed so we must tithe. SAMSON killed a lion so we must make sure we kill one, ABRAHAM offered Isaac so you must give your Isaac.  ESTHER fasted so you must do the Esther fasting. MOSES fasted 40 days so we must do likewise. JOSEPH was favoured so you will be favoured in JESUS name. DAVID was anointed to be king so you have a king’s anointing on you. Ridiculous.

The message of the Bible is the cross of Jesus Christ. If you only talk about all these characters without pulling out CHRIST from their stories, you are only a Bible story teller not a gospel preacher. The gospel is about CHRIST from Genesis to Revelation.”

Pastor Kennedy Lokote (Nottingham, UK)