There are only two ways of getting saved, either by works or through grace. Even though salvation by grace is very easy and simple, a lot of people choose the way of works for different reasons. Grace is a concept, that is very rare, and in some cases unknown in our politics of life. We think we understand what grace is all about, but our definition of grace is always lacking.

Christianity unlike any other religion in the world, teaches that, acceptance before God is not something human beings can achieve on their own, but rather it is a gift that God bestows on those who place their faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Though there are different religions apart from the Christian faith, but a closer look at their fundamental doctrines, reveals that their message is similar. They believe that it is man’s duty to please the Almighty God.

Theologically, the life of a Christian, is known as a life of faith. It is easy as Christians to make that solemn confession before others and even before God, but functionally a number of Christians live their lives just like other religionists, though in theory they pretend to be people of faith.

But just exactly what is faith? Doesn’t the bible warn about a faith without works?  Faith is believing and trusting on God’s work on our behalf. Faith has object, and the word of God is the sure object of our faith. Don’t have faith in your faith, true faith looks outside and has Christ as it’s object.

Grace to you!